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icp monitoring system

parameters to be monitored: electrocardiogram/heart rate, blood oxygen/pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, spo₂, intracranial pressure

standard configuration: seven-guide electrocardiogram/heart rate, dioxtm digital blood oxygen/pulse rate, acutectm non-invasive blood pressure, respiration, body temperature, dual-channel intracranial pressure, 10.40-inch tft touch screen, stylus, plug-in lithium battery, built-in recorder

indications: indications of intracranial pressure monitoring

      - abnormal cranial ct scan

      - 3~8 scores based on gcs score

      - intracranial pressure above 20mmhg (about 270mmh2o) is deemed as increased, and need treatment.

significance of intracranial pressure monitoring:

     pre-operation: provide basis for clinical treatment

     during operation: early identification of traumatic brain disease

     post-operation: prevent bleeding and cerebral edema

features: the integrated solution provides the convenient and fast connection, and the fully enclosed device reduces the risk of infection. the professional design meets the clinical needs.