external drainage system -欧洲杯在线买球平台

external drainage system - lumbar cistern drainage

specification: guide wire, catheter, built-in wire

applicable scope:

it is applied to the drainage replacement of subarachnoid hemorrhage, subdural effusion, ventricular hemorrhage, cerebrospinal fluid fistula of ear, nose and surgical incision caused by traumatic injury and surgery operation and subarachnoid cerebrospinal fluid fistula caused by intracranial infection. 

advantages and features:

1.       the drainage catheter has sophisticated technology and good biocompatibility to ensure smooth drainage.

2.       the measurement rear panel marked with double-scale pressure of centimeter of water column and millimeter of mercury is easy to read and adjust.

3.       the steel (zl 2011 2 0024161.6)pin locking fittings with patent design can be connected tightly to avoid shedding and ensure smooth drainage.

4.       the waterproof air filter membrane can avoid pneumatosis and prevent infection.

5.       the equipped air filter can prevent excess drainage caused by siphonage.