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external drainage system – cranial external drainage system

specification: the drainage catheter includes single lumen catheter and double-lumen catheter.

specification for single lumen catheter: f8, f10, f12, f14, f16, f18, f25

specification for double-lumen catheter: f10, f12, f14

applicable scope:

it is applied to minimal invasive hemorrhage clearing for cerebral hemorrhage; external ventricular drainage before, in or after cerebral surgery operation; external ventricular drainage for obstructive hydrocephalus and hydrocephalus with unknown cause; drainage of liquid of hematoma, abscess and cyst of all intracranial parts (subdural, epidural, intracerebral, etc.).

features and advantages:

1.       double-scale pressure readings for easy reading;

2.       the single lumen drainage catheter can be used subcutaneously to prevent infection. the double-lumen drainage catheter has two lumens used for drainage and injection of medication to facilitate injection of medication, washing hematoma and improve the treatment efficiency.

3.       x-ray can be displayed; it is easier to operate the catheter puncture intubation of lined guide pin;

4.       the drainage bag has the feature of preventing reflux, and its fitting can be rotated for easy replacement and installation.