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surgery drainage device

specification: cross drainage catheter, circular drainage catheter, flat drainage catheter

applicable scope: it is applied to drainage for surgery operation.

features and advantages:


1.       the drainage catheter is tensile and displayed under x-ray, and has good histocompatibility. the drainage part of catheter can be cut arbitrarily according to the needs of surgery operation.

flat drainage catheter:

i.      the porous and flat (width of 1cm) features can maximize the drainage surface to make the drainage faster and completely.

ii.    three gibbous small beams in the catheter lumen can prevent closing to make the drainage smoother.

cross drainage catheter:

i.      cross-shaped support structure provides the stronger support to prevent closing, so that the sampling is convenient and reliable.

ii.    the multi-channel drainage channel is non-blocking, so that the drainage is smoother.

2.       the flexible sputum aspirator has the special anti-reflux device to prevent reflux of drainage fluid to cause wound infection when squeezing.

3.       the catheter is connected with the fluid bag to perform drainage under positive pressure, collect and measure the drainage volume largely.

4.       the fully enclosed device can prevent injection.