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chitosan model 5# protective tape for newborn umbilical-cord hgation

specification and model:

the ordinary specification includes ordinary model 1#, ordinary model 2#, ordinary model 3#, ordinary model 4#; the chitosan model specification includes the chitosan model 1#, chitosan model 2#, chitosan model 3#, chitosan model 4#, chitosan model 5#, chitosan model 6#.

purposes: after treatment of conventional cutting umbilical cord for the newborn, open the umbilical cord kit, and align the chitosan core (or gauze core) with the residual end of umbilical cord to bandage and fasten it.

performance and features: easy use, air-permeable, dry, prevention of injection, promoting early falling of umbilical cord, convenient use and replacement, if the umbilical cord of the newborn has not been fallen fully, the mother can take it to the home for dressing changes and care by herself.