cranial external drainage device -欧洲杯在线买球平台

cranial external drainage device

specification: f8, f10, f12, f14, f16, f18, f25

applicable scope:

it is applied to the patients who suffer from the increased intracranial pressure disease caused by body cerebrospinal fluid and cerebral hemorrhage, and needs external drainage.

features and advantages:

a. safe and reliable

the blunt and round blind end design reduces the damage to the brain tissue when inserting the catheter.

the air filter is mounted on the top of regulating bottle to prevent forming negative pressure due to syphonage.

the large side pore can prevent blocking during drainage.

b. prevention of injection

the regulating bottle is broken in the middle to prevent intracranial infection caused by reflux.

the waterproof air filter on the drainage bag can prevent air collection and infection.

c. easy operation

the catheter is made from the imported silica gel, and can be operated under ct without shadow under x-ray.

the catheter has the scale of 3-15cm for mastering inserting depth conveniently.